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Lavish Love {a letter to my husband}

For over two and a half years, I've been the blessed recipient of love letters, notes, and cards...

I can't even look in the mirror without being reminded of my husband's love!

For our anniversary, my husband, Branden, gifted me with a "words of affirmation" tattoo. His words from his heart will be tattooed on my forearm, in his own handwriting, so I will never forget his love and encouragement to me.

So, in response, I penned this love letter back to him...

My husband -

Each day there is abundant joy!

To dwell with the one whom my heart loves.

My surety and my adoration given wholly

To the one with whom my favor rests,

The one whom my life offering accepts.

That in all the ways thee could have come to me,

It was through tragedy.

Abuse from our partners, we both survived,

To now have become fully alive!

Oh, what lavish love thee gives!

'Tis thine heart, my being dwells.

We rise up victors, no past can contain.

I would become one with thee again and again!

Where there was grief,

Thy precious hands washed my feet,

Giving hope anew.

On thy wings I gently flew.

Thy love gives shelter,

In whose precious arms I know no shame.

Thou hast given me safety,

Thou hast given me thine name.

I long for thy presence,

Like warm spring winds after long winter.

'Tis with thee, dear husband, my soul rests.

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